Draycote Fly-Fishers Association

Well 2020 will be a year that nobody will forget in a hurry, whilst Draycote was open for the majority of the season, everybody was affected in some way by the pandemic. For me it will go down with 2001 and 2010 as milestones in the reservoirs history.

2001 was the last major outbreak of foot and mouth in the UK, Draycote was due to open on Good Friday (as it often did back then), but everything was on hold, I can remember Margret Causer (Keith's wife) ringing me on the Wednesday to say they had been given the OK to open as planned, an enormous relief to them, as we feared it would continue all summer.

Of course 2010 nearly spelled the end of Draycote as a fishery, when SevenTrent pulled the plug at the end of the 2009 season, so they could build a theme park (at least that was how it appeared to us). Thankfully enough people and especially Graham Homer fought tooth and nail to reverse the decision, and allow it to reopen the following year.

This year the reservoir had planned to open on the 1st of March, and I know a lot of you had boats and tickets booked for that day, but unfortunately that date had to be postponed. However, all being well the 2021 season will open on Monday the 29th March, but of course this all depends on advice from the Government


A word from our secretary

Hi Folks,

Well, 2020 was a roller-coaster of a year! a great start with many new members keen to get fishing, only to be followed with an almost immediate lock down and confined to barracks.  Thankfully due to the input from Jamie Cook and the hard work of the Angling Trust who lobbied the government early in the lockdown, we managed to fish together (Socially Distanced) for most of the season and also had increasing numbers of members taking part in all the friendly evening matches and the autumn and winter pairs. I have enjoyed the company of many of you during the last 12 months on the bank and in the boat. We have had two amazing articles for the club in two top fly-fishing magazines, Trout & Salmon and Fly Fishing & Fly-Tying magazines. I can honestly say I have seen more of some of you, than some distant members of my family this year. I would like to thank all of you for keeping me smiling through some difficult months and to Paul Walley for helping provide some excellent closed season entertainment with online fly-tying sessions. A pity we could not meet over the winter months at the Dunchurch club as is the norm, but hopefully things will be better come the autumn this year. Looking forward to fishing with you all again this season, I think we are in for some amazing sport, tight lines.

Cheers Mark JJ

Permit Prices - 2021 Season 29th March ~ 30th Nov Day Permits

1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release  £18.50

2 Fish Kill + Catch & Release  £21.50 New for 2021

4 Fish Kill + Catch & Release  £24.50

6 Fish Kill + Catch & Release  £28.50

      Our Popular Last 4 Hour Permit – Perfect for the Evening Rise

Last 4 hour 1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release  £10.00

Boat Prices

No Boats Allowed out If forecasted Wind Speed of 25mph plus is expected.

Full Day Boat 2 Rods     £24.50

Full Day Boat 1 Rod     £19.00

Part Day Boat Morning or Afternoon 2 Rods  £15.00

Part Day Boat Morning or Afternoon 1 Rod  £13.50

Wheely Boat All Day     £17.00

Wheely Boat Part Day     £10.00

Last 4 Hour Boat, perfect for fishing the evening rise  

Last 4 Hour Boat     £10.00

Last year's competitions

The results of last year's competitions are as follows. As the gutting room was closed last year, the results were decided on the number of fish caught, with each fish being estimated at 2lb

Friday evening matches The Evening Shield (The aggregate of the best 3 Fridays)

First               John Hanlon & Dave Adkins  18lb  Joint first     Second          Richard Hanlon  16lb

Gordon Grifiths One Fly

Paul Farrell & Richard Hanlon (joint winners)  2lb

Spring Pairs Dunkeld Cup (fished on the 1st November)

First          Paul Farrell & Dave Adkins  12lb

Second     Paul Walley & Mark Johnson-Jones  10lb

Boat Pairs    Don Ashby Rose Bowl

First          Brian Froggatt & John Hanlon   20lb

Second     Paul Walley + Average  20lb

As Paul did not have a partner, he was allocated the average weight of all the other anglers. As both pairs caught the same weight, the first fish caught decided the result.

Autumn Pairs Draycote Shield

First          Dave Adkins & Brian Allwood  8lb     Second     John Hanlon & Stephen Dewhurst  6lb     

Overall weight (The aggregate of the best 3 Fridays, the spring and autumn pairs and the boat pairs)

Reg Lewis trophy

First          John Hanlon  44lb

Second     Dave Adkins  38lb

Best Rainbow Toft Cup     

David Rechtorik     5lb               

Best Brown (Golden) Draycote Cup     

Not claimed                    

Best Fish caught in all competitions

Not claimed     

Best Bag Lodge Trophy

Not claimed     

This year's competitions

This year's competitions will be fished on the following dates. As per previous years, the winners of each competition will receive a ticket for an evenings fishing.  An additional date has been added this year for the Friday evening matches, as some members had found it difficult to attend the early matches for a 5.00pm start.

Friday evening matches (start at 17:30 at the No 1 carpark)  

14th May (start at 17:00)

28th May (start at 17:00)

11th June     

25th June

9th July

23rd July (Gordon Grifiths one fly competition)

The best of three weights count towards the trophy.

Spring bank pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the No1 carpark)

Sunday 25th April

Autumn bank pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the No1 carpark)

Sunday 17th October

Boat Pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the No1 carpark)

Sunday 19th September

To enable us to book the boats, please advise a committee member if you intent to take part, no later than the 3rd August

There will be a trophy awarded for the largest fish caught on any one of these dates.

Pound in the Kitty

We would like to reintroduce the “pound in the kitty” for matches this year, as it adds a bit of fun to the proceedings.


Good news on the bank clearing front, Tom Bird (Fishery Manager) has been clearing some of the brambles on Hensborough, and cutting back the willows on the Corn Field. This was long overdue and will enable more anglers to fish in these areas.

We will not be collecting subs for this year (2021). As there were no meetings held during the winter it made it difficult to organise this. However; we hope that things will return to some semblance of normality by the time the next AGM is due.  

Newsletter - Spring 2021


Social Media

Yes, the DFFA has joined the social media revolution.

We now have our own Facebook group, where useful information like “how the reservoir is fishing” and pictures can be shared with each other. A WhatsApp group has also been started, this is an App on smart phones to allow a group of people to chat and share photos with everyone in that group. The idea is that we can share a photo of a nice fish caught, or a specific fly that is working on the day, or let others know when we are going to fish, or invite people to join us.

If you would like to join this group please send me your mobile number by email,

or text Mark on

The DFFA website is available but under used, and we are still looking for interesting photographs to include on it.

A useful tool is the 'Tips Page' where you can get direct links for the Draycote Fisheries Weekly Blog on catches and 3 diferent weather reports for the draycote area. Finally for those who are new to the water, there is a map of the waters.

DraycoteFisheries now has its own very informative website, which should keep us all up-to-date with the latest news.



If anyone has an email address and has not already advised me of it, please drop me a line at

It is very convenient to be able to advise members of forthcoming events, and saves on postage

and telephone calls.

The club would like to say a very big thank you to Ifor and his staff for all the help they have given to our members over the past year.          

Surprising arrival at Draycote

Last week saw a surprise arrival at the reservoir, and we have been assured they are not replacing the boats with chinooks.

Those of you with a Facebook account can use the following shortcut to view the video, which was taken from the picnic area near the 'swans nest'.





Draycote Fly Fishers phone number is: 07586-992218