Draycote Fly-Fishers Association

Newsletter - Spring 2020

Draycote will already have opened by the time you read this as this year’s opening day will be the 1st March.

Storm Jorge nearly caused another dismal opening day (remember the beast from the east in 2018), but fortunately it blew over the UK by Sunday, and while the wind was still strong, it was fishable, with Monday better still.

There was a full house of anglers, and our members were out in force, fish were caught, though not in great numbers, and the fishing was not easy. However, some anglers were very happy and had an excellent start to the season, and there was a fair number of fish in excess of 5lb caught.

Monday was a kinder day to our members, with good bags reported on the new ‘WhatsApp’ group, that certainly seems to be working well.

Open Day Pictures

Current Draycote Permit Prices

2020 Season 1st March ~ 30th November  - Bank Fishing from 7.30am.

1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release           £18.50

4 Fish Kill + Catch & Release           £24.50

6 Fish Kill + Catch & Release           £28.50

The upper kill permit for 2020 has been retained at a 6 FISH LIMIT, this is to Enable the permit to remain below £30.00.

Last 4 hours, 1 Fish Kill + Catch and Release        £10.00

Boat Prices

34 Boats, available from 8.30am

Boat Loyalty Card: Pick up a Boat Loyalty Card at Draycote or Foremark lodges, once you have purchased 8 boats you receive your 9th boat free, our loyalty card can be used at any of our fisheries with petrol engines on the boats, therefore it includes Draycote & Foremark.

Full Day Boat 2   Rods £24.50

Full Day Boat 1   Rod £19.00

Part Day Boat Morning or Afternoon 2  Rods £15.00

Part Day  Boat  Morning or Afternoon 1 Rod £13.50

Last 4 hour Boat, perfect for fishing the evening rise £10.00

New Draycote Fly Fishers phone number is: 07586-992218

It is very convenient to be able to advise members of forthcoming events, and saves on postage and telephone calls.

The club would like to say a very big thank you to Ifor and his staff for all the help they have given to our members over the past year.

Social Media – Yes, the DFFA has joined the social media revolution.

We now have our own Facebook group, where useful information like “how the reservoir is fishing” and pictures can be shared with each other.

A WhatsApp group has also been started, this is an App on smart phones to allow a group of people to chat and share photos with everyone in that group. The idea is that we can share a photo of a nice fish caught, or a specific fly that is working on the day, or let others know when we are going to fish, or invite people to join us. If you would like to join this group please send me your mobile number by email.  If you need help on how to use WhatsApp then let Mark know and he could do a quick run through at the next meeting.

The DFFA website is available but under used,, and we are still looking for interesting photographs to include on it. The link is:  www.draycote-fly-fishers-assoc.co.uk   So, Draycote now has its own very informative website, which should keep us all up-to-date with the latest news at www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk


If anyone has an email address and has not already advised me of it, please drop me a line at

This year’s competitions

This year’s competitions will be fished on the following dates. As per previous years, the winners of each competition will receive a ticket for an evenings fishing.  

An additional date has been added this year for the Friday evening matches, as some members had found it difficult to attend the early matches for a 5.00pm start.

Friday evening matches (start at 17:30 in the fishing lodge)

15th May (start at 17:00)

29th May (start at 17:00

12th June          

26th June

10th July

24th July (Gordon Grifiths one fly competition)


The best of three weights count towards the trophy.

Spring bank pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the fishing lodge)

     Sunday 26th April

Autumn bank pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the fishing lodge)

     Sunday 13th September

Boat Pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the fishing lodge)

     Sunday 4th October

To enable us to book the boats, please advise a committee member if you intent to take part, no later than the 30th August

There will be a trophy awarded for the largest fish caught on any one of these dates.

Can I please make a plea for more members to take part in the matches. They are fished in a very friendly way, and those partaking always have a good time (sometimes the catches are not great, but that’s fishing).

We have been down to as few as 4 anglers for a pairs match, and that hardly seems worth continuing.



Most of you will be aware that Paul Farrell penned an article for the Fly Fishing & Fly Tying magazine (January edition). It was a superb article which showed the club in an excellent light, even leading to 2 new members joining the club after reading it, and the admission by Brian Allwood that his aunt Edna’s mink stole is now missing a few strips of mink, did not detract from it.

I hope those of you who attended any of the meetings where we had some excellent fly tying demonstrations enjoyed yourselves. A big thankyou to Ray, Paul, Brian and Brian, and a special thankyou to our secretary Mark, who enabled the whole room to see what was going on, thanks to some amazing technical knowhow.  

With regards to the March meeting, as well as the trophy presentation and buffet, we have a number of excellent items of tackle to sell in the auction, so we are hoping for a good turnout (don’t forget your wallets).

During the close season the committee held a meeting with Ifor and Tom from the lodge, with the aim of increasing the number of new anglers at Draycote, and encouraging them to join the DFFA.

With this in mind, the following actions were agreed.

   * An A3 poster is being produced by us (DFFA) to advertise Draycote Fly-Fishers Association in the Lodge.

   * An A5 promotional leaflet (double sided) is being produced by us  (DFFA) to include 2020 match dates, social meeting dates and contact details for the club.

   * A mobile and new number for  (DFFA) has been agreed and purchased by us to allow a single point of contact along with our email:  see the email link at the bottom of the page

   * A Facebook page has been created by us (DFFA) to promote the club and Draycote fishery.

   * We (DFFA) are tentatively looking at a Try Fly Fishing day on Saturday 1st August 2020 with support from the Angling Trust (Get into Fishing)

   * We have set up a new WhatsApp Group called 'DFFA Activity Group' to allow members to share photos, let others know when fishing, invite or ask others to fish with. This will allow new members to ask for support, or find us when we are fishing. 

   * We (DFFA) are looking at producing a DFFA Badge (Fishing Buddy) to identify members who can be approached for help and guidance when new fly fishers are fishing the bank and looking for help.

   * (For new fly fishers undertaking instruction with the Lodge) We (DFFA) will discount new DFFA  membership - £8 for the first season for adults, 12-16 years will be free membership, but must have an adult join at the reduced fee for the first season. Juniors must be accompanied by this adult member when taking part in any DFFA activity, 16-18 years will be at the junior rate of £8, discounted to £6 for the first season.

   * Members may give the Lodge their own contact details if they wish to be contacted directly, or may notify the Lodge when they are going to fish and could be available to help new starters, having taken DFFA membership. Bank fishermen may allow new members to approach them for advice on an Ad-hoc basis without the need for them to use up a voucher.

   * The lodge will include a DFFA leaflet with the pack for new fly fishers when having their initial tuition sessions at the Lodge..

   * The Lodge will promote the club and recommend new starters to join so that they can socialise and get help when fishing (subject to a member being available when the new starter wants to fish), use of the new WhatsApp group will enable people to arrange to meet.

   * The Lodge will discount the DFFA member by 50% for their fishing ticket when actively working as a guide and support for a new fly fisher. (Junior fly fishers (under 16) must be accompanied by a parent at all times when fishing with a DFFA member guide)

   * The Lodge will give a new fly fisher 3 x 50% Discount Vouchers to be used either alone, or with a DFFA member, to encourage the new starter to commit to Draycote and to the club.

   * The Lodge will promote the DFFA club matches and report on the results in the fishing report the following week. DFFA to supply the match results

Still to be discussed** season ticket holders reward for helping new starters as a guide? half day boat voucher?? as otherwise there is no way of rewarding them for helping

If you would like to get involved with helping new fly fishers then send Mark an email or text, or let the Lodge know directly if you are happy to do that, it is up to you.

I think it would be great if any of you would be happy to give advice to any new fly fishers while fishing the bank and Paul Walley is looking at creating a fishing buddy badge to identify anyone who is willing to give guidance.

The Results of Last Year's Competitions ............are as follows:

Friday evening matches The Evening Shield (The aggregate of the best 3 Fridays)

  First BJ Hunt 20lb 0oz

  Second Dave Adkins 18lb 12oz

  Third Paul Farrell 13lb 8oz

Gordon Grifiths One Fly

   Brian Allwood 5lb 0oz

Spring Pairs Dunkeld Cup

   First Mike Nolan Richard Hanlon 9lb 4oz

   Second BJ Hunt Brian Allwood 8lb 9oz

Boat Pairs Don Ashby Rose Bowl

   First BJ Hunt John Hanlon 25lb 12oz

   Second Michael Hanlon Richard Hanlon 19lb 14oz

Autumn Pairs Draycote Shield

   First Richard Hanlon BJ Hunt 10lb 0oz

   Second Keith Jones John Hanlon 2lb 13oz

Overall weight - Reg Lewis trophy (The aggregate of the best 3 Fridays, the spring and autumn pairs)

   First BJ Hunt 37lb 14oz

   Second John Hanlon 31lb 15oz

Best Rainbow Toft Cup

   Paul Farrell Rainbow 5lb 8oz

Best Brown (Golden) Draycote Cup

   John Pearson 4lb 12oz

Best Fish caught in all competitions

   Paul Farrell Rainbow 5lb 8oz

Best Bag Lodge Trophy

Not claimed