Draycote Fly-Fishers Association

Newsletter - Spring 2019

By the time you read this newsletter Draycote will already have opened, as this year's opening day will be the 1st March.

Well the weather was certainly a bit different from last year, when the fishing was cancelled due to the “beast from the east”, this year we had record temperatures in the week leading up to the opening day. According to the Draycote website the fish seemed to be giving themselves up on the Friday, with anglers recording numbers of fish caught that the England cricketers could not match. However, if some anglers caught 29 and 30 fish, and the rod average was 8.0, there must have been a few anglers who didn't reach those dizzy heights. Still, it augers well for a good year to come.  


Permit Prices

2019 Season 1st March ~ 30th November


Bank Fishing from 7.30am. - There has been no change to the prices for 2019

1 Fish Kill + Catch & Release           £18.00

4 Fish Kill + Catch & Release           £24.00

6 Fish Kill + Catch & Release           £28.00

The upper kill permit for 2019 has been retained at a 6 FISH LIMIT, this is to Enable the permit to remain below £30.00.

Last 4 hours, 1 Fish Kill + Catch and Release        £10.00

Boat Prices

34 Boats, available from 8.30am

Boat Loyalty Card: Pick up a Boat Loyalty Card at Draycote or Foremark lodges, once you have purchased 8 boats you receive your 9th boat free, our loyalty card can be used at any of our fisheries with petrol engines on the boats, therefore it includes Draycote & Foremark.

Full Day Boat 2 Rods£24.50

Full Day Boat 1  Rod£19.00

Part Day Boat Morning or Afternoon 2  Rods £15.00

Part Day Boat Morning or Afternoon1 Rod £13.50

Last 4 hour Boat, perfect for fishing the evening rise £10.00

Last year's competitions

The results of last year's competitions are as follows.

Friday evening matches The Evening Shield (The aggregate of the best 3 Fridays)

First          Keith Jones            12lb 0oz

Second     John Hanlon           8lb 0oz

Third          Dave Adkins          6lb 0oz

Gordon Grifiths One Fly

Not competed for this year


Spring Pairs Dunkeld Cup

First          Mike Nolan Keith Jones               18lb 04oz

Second     BJ Hunt Adrian Burton               2lb 08oz

Boat Pairs    Don Ashby Rose Bowl

First          Keith Jones John Hanlon                17lb 14oz

Second     BJ Hunt Michael Hanlon                15lb 08oz

Autumn Pairs Draycote Shield

First          Paul Farrell BJ Hunt                    9lb 08oz          

Second     Mike Nolan John Pearson                7lb 08oz          


Overall weight (The aggregate of the best 3 Fridays, the spring and autumn pairs)

Reg Lewis trophy

First          Keith Jones                  33lb 08oz

Second     BJ Hunt               21lb 12oz

Third          John Hanlon            17lb 10oz


Best Rainbow Toft Cup


Mark Johnson     Rainbow     4lb 00oz                         

Best Brown (Golden) Draycote Cup     

John Pearson      5lb 00oz                    


Best Fish caught in all competitions

Mark Johnson     Rainbow     4lb 00oz      


Best Bag Lodge Trophy

Not claimed     

Unfortunately due to the very hot weather (I never thought I would say that) in July last year, the last 2 of the Friday evening matches were cancelled, therefor the Gordon Grifiths One Fly trophy was not awarded this year                   





This year's competitions

This year's competitions will be fished on the following dates. As per previous years, the winners of each competition will receive a ticket for an evenings fishing.  

An additional date has been added this year for the Friday evening matches, as some members had found it difficult to attend the early matches for a 5.00pm start.

Friday evening matches (start at 17:30 in the fishing lodge)

     10th May (start at 17:00)

24th May (start at 17:00)

     7th June     

     21nd June

5th July (Gordon Grifiths one fly competition)

19th July     

The best of three weights count towards the trophy.

Spring pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the fishing lodge)

     Sunday 28th April

Autumn Pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the fishing lodge)

     Sunday 15th September

Boat Pairs (Draw for partners at 08:00 at the fishing lodge)

     Sunday 29th September

To enable us to book the boats, please advise a committee member if you intent to take part, no later than the 30th August

There will be a trophy awarded for the largest fish caught on any one of these dates.

Can I please make a plea for more members to take part in the matches. They are fished in a very friendly way, and those partaking always have a good time (sometimes the catches are not great, but that's fishing).

We have been down to as few as 4 anglers for a pairs match, and that hardly seems worth continuing.



It is Draycote's 50th birthday this year, and Seven Trent are proposing to celebrate it with a photo gallery, showing the reservoir over the last half century. They hope to have it ready for the Easter holidays, so don't forget to look out for it, you may see some old friends.

With regards to the March meeting, as well as the trophy presentation and buffet, we have a number of excellent items of tackle to sell in the auction, so we are hoping for a good turnout (don't forget your wallets).

The DFFA website is available but under used, and we are still looking for interesting photographs to include on it. The link is: http://www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk/co.uk

It is very informative website, which should keep us all up-to-date with the latest news http://www.flyfishdraycote.co.uk/co.uk

If anyone has an email address and has not already advised me of it, please drop me a line

It is very convenient to be able to advise members of forthcoming events, and saves on postage and telephone calls.

The club would like to say a very big thank you to Ifor and his staff for all the help they have given to our members over the past year.



When I first saw this photo, I thought it was an Angler carrying a snazzy new fishing bag,

However according to Trout and Salmon, you can bring your Dog for a days boat fishing as long as they are wearing a life jacket.

Maybe we should ask the committee to

conduct a recruitment drive at Dogs Trust or

the RSPCA.