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An Alternative to the Blood Knot - called the Davy Knot. Also seen here : https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/davy-knot

This is a simple knot that has the advantage of:

    • using less nylon,

    • is strong

    • and once you have mastered it, it allows a dropper to be tied with only about 40mm worth of line!

The secret to tying this knot is how you use the 2 fingers on your right hand to tie it.

From my right handed point of view:

* The line is fed through the hole in the hook and then the hook held in the right hand.

* Use the left hand to make the 1st and 2nd turns.

* The first turn is the easiest but the 2nd turn is awkward to keep in place.

* Both ‘turns’ are best executed with the hook being held in the right hand by thumb

  and index finger and manipulation of the line with the left hand.

* Both 1st and 2nd turns are tricky to hold in place after it is passed through the loop

  but it is easily done by placing the RH middle finger over the index finger (already

  holding the hook) thus trapping the end of the line.

In this way, manipulation of the line for making the second turn takes it from the clamped right fingers to thread through. Still clamping the line end, the knot can then be closed by pulling the line with the left hand, drawing the knot closed. Because  the end of the line is held so close to the eye of the hook by the fingers of the right hand, little line length is lost and no wrinkles.  PLEASE TEST THE KNOT- Load tension on the line to test - if it’s wrong, it will undo, if not you are good to go!

Good Luck!

Tackle Tip !

Draycote Reservoir. - XCWeather  - Check out compressed hour by hour weather at

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Loop Knot - for Strike Indicator - Tying a Strike Indicator Loop Knot.

Allows you to loop a smaller pieces of yarn directly onto your leader using this slip knot. The "Open Loop" method of attaching a yarn indicator allows you to use a small yarn indicator with small flies or in shallow, flat water where a large indicator might spook fish.

See here: https://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/indicator-knot-the-open-loop-method

Having Problems with Tying Fluorocarbon?

You may find that the line breaks after testing a tied knot. I didn't have a problem for a couple of years. I followed advice by fellow anglers to use spit when tying the knot and pulling it together. The strange thing was, suddenly knots started breaking on test. I could tie a Davy Knot to hook, no trouble, but a Water Knot was almost impossible.

Last year I was convinced that the line purchased was out of date - workman blaming his tools. This year the same thing happened! I tried various alternatives to spit - clearly my spit wasn't good enough. Then I tried washing-up liquid and Eureka! This worked, changing an experience with newly bought line from breaking to a perfect line for tying. I dont know why this is but a mini marmalade jar of washing up liquid is now part of my tackle!  

The weather - for Draycote

Met Office Weather Report - Church Lawford Nr, Draycote

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Ultimate Guide to Fishing Knots

Matt Kelly applied on behalf of Sean in the Boy Scout troop to put forward basics of fishing. Sean, found this guide which I was very impressed with it.

Ultimate Guide to Fishing Knots, Hooks, Bait, and Lures - see here:


Hope this helps other anglers !