Draycote Fly-Fishers Association

Match Reports 2020

Hi All Members

With the Covid-19 shut down we missed our spring pairs match which should have taken place on 26th April, but had to be cancelled. The suggestion is we have a winter pairs bank match in its place, on Sunday 1st November. If you would like to take part please get in touch by text, email, or WhatsApp.

With regard to the Boat Pairs Match to be held on 4th October the same applies with Covid-19 rules, 19 you may fish with your drawn partner, or others, or fish alone. I will do a pairs draw again using the bingo balls numbers for pairing , which worked well last time and keeps hands free from bugs. You may wish to fish alone.

I believe there may be a Fur & Feather Boat Pairs match on the last Sunday of the season before the fishery closes on Monday 30th November. This should be open to all if you fancy having a go.

Best wishes and see you hopefully on Sunday the 4th for the boat competition or on 1st November for the final bank match.

Mark JJ

Hi All Members

12 DFFA members fished the Autumn Pairs Bank Match:

1st place with 4 fish was David Adkins and Brian Allwood

2nd place with 3 fish John Hanlon and Stephen Dewhurst

3rd equal were 3 pairs with 1 fish, Mike Nolan and David Rechtorik Neil Berry and Mark JJ,  Paul Walley and  Keith Jones.

A good result on a very sunny day so tough conditions for bank fishing. Great to see everyone.

Apologies for not reporting on the Gordon Griffiths One Fly Competition earlier in the year which took place on 24th July 2020.

12 members took part on a very hot Friday evening with the temperature in the high twenties.

1st place with one fish apiece were Paul Farrell and Richard Hanlon

2nd place - everyone else.


Mark JJ

Draycote Reservoir  - Re-opened May 28th / 29th 2020 - Post - Coronavirus

The reservoir is now open but has restrictions on booking.

Payment is by card  - no money to change hands.

Some restrictions  - Anglers are to be 45 metres apart on the bank. See the Dracote website for more information.  

Draycote Association - Fishing Match -  Friday 12th  June 2020.

Association Evening - Fishing Match number 2 Friday 26th June 2020

12 members took part in Friday evenings match.

A very warm evening and with expected thunderstorms that never emerged it turned out to be a fabulous evening, although the water temperature was a little high for bank fishing.

Most fished from Rainbow Corner and along to Hensborough Bank with fish up in the water from around 6pm taking flies from the surface. A struggle to find the right fly but eventually some finding success with a sedge pattern, Bob's bits and dries and a hopper popper.

Brian Alwood won with 3 beautiful rainbows to the net all over 3lb, Dave Adkins, Howard Lambert and Mark JJ came 2nd with two fish each, again fabulous fighting fish and most over 3lb. Paul Walley came 3rd with one fish to the net. I think having found the right fly a few more would have been caught if time had allowed. A great evening and lovely to see so many members out enjoying their fishing.


Mark JJ

Association Evening Fishing Match number 3 Friday 10th July 2020

10 members took part in Friday evenings match.

A warm dry and  very breezy evening and with fish sipping at the surface it turned out to be a fabulous evening for some, although the fish were not feeding with confidence and finding the right fly was key.

The fish were up in the water all evening taking flies from the surface and some very close in to the bank as the sun headed towards the horizon.

Most fished the north bank from the Cornfield along to Tower Bank and some tried Rainbow Corner and the outlet pipe and along to Hensborough Bank at the end of the session.  A struggle to find the right fly but eventually some finding success with a red pheasant tail pattern and buzzers , Bob's bits attracted a big fish but snapped off on a savage take at the surface.

John Hanlon won the match with 6 beautiful rainbows to the net.

Dave Adkins came second with 5 cracking rainbows, having caught 3 with a red cove pheasant tail pattern of his own design.

Richard Hanlon came 3rd with 4 lovely rainbows to the net.

BJ Hunt came 4th with  3 quality rainbows to the net.

Brian Allwood and Stephen Dewhurst came joint 5th  with one well deserved rainbow each.

A great evening and lovely to see so many members out enjoying their fishing again.

The next match is on Friday 24th July (Gordon Griffiths)


Mark  JJ